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      Changsha Broad Homes Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

      Broad Homes is an enterprise in China's assembly building industry that has completely applied the digital informationization system for the whole process and possesses the whole industry chain technology system with exclusive intellectual property rights. After nearly 30 years of development, as a pioneer and leader in China's construction industrialization, Broad Homes has a product system of eight generations of industrialized buildings, a leading information system in the country, accumulated experience in the practice of more than 200 million square meters of construction industrialization projects, and the layout scale of nearly 100 factories nationwide.

      From product supply, technical service, to standard co-construction, we have provided prefabricated building total solutions for more than 300 real estate clients; we have continuously explored new modes of production, learning, research and application, prepared 13 sets of college teaching materials and tools for industry talent development, filling in the gaps, and provided training base services for vocational basic education, obtained more than 1,300 authorized patents, and compiled 53 sets of technical standards. Broad Homes has been ranked as the first preferred brand in the PC prefabricated industry for five consecutive years, and has been ranked first in the global market share of PC prefabricated for three consecutive years, and is trusted by the market and customers.

      As a pilot demonstration enterprise of intelligent manufacturing licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China (MIIT) in this industry, relying on the first-class manufacturing capability of prefabricated construction, the independently developed PC Maker, a forward design software based on the BIM platform in the field of prefabricated construction in China, as well as the digital twin-driven digital overall solution for the whole process of prefabricated construction, CPS+ Digital Intelligence Management Platform, Broad Homes has bridged each and every link of the whole industrial chain of design, manufacturing, construction and operation and maintenance, and has become the entry point to the industrialized standards of the construction industry and a platform for smart services through the systematic performance of the dual roles of "intelligent manufacturing" and "intelligent construction".

      Broad Homes truly productizes construction, developing Broad fully-assembled integrated buildings and modular buildings, and providing total solutions to meet the upgraded demand for multi-level living with highly industrialized production, full-process digital manufacturing, and millimeter-level precision, which are truly fast, good, cheap, and hassle-free. With the core value of industrialization of construction to improve quality, efficiency, reduce overall costs and protect the environment, we help "live in a home" to "live in a good home", and through the development mode of light assets and rapid development to serve the safe and green farm buildings in the beautiful countryside, Through the development mode of light assets and rapid development, and with the safe and green rural housing serving beautiful villages and the modular space product "BOX Modul" series adapted to multi-scenario applications as the new hand, the company will push forward the toB+toC business in parallel, and systematically serve the high-quality development of urban and rural construction.

      Young Hopefuls, Young Future


      SINCE 1988
      19      88

      Patented technologies of Broad Thermal Research Institute created

      19      90

      R&D of direct-fired machine succeeded

      19      92

      Broad Air Conditioningestablished

      19      96

      World No. 1 in non-electric air conditioner

      Establishment of Broad Beltecno. starts construction industrialization

      19      98

      R&D of 1st generation prefabricated building

      19      99

      R&D of 1stgeneration prefabricated building succeeded

      Completion of integrated building in the headquarters park

      20      02

      2nd generation technology

      20      05

      Launch of 3rd generation technology

      20      06

      Broad Homes founded

      20      07

      Awarded as “National Housing Industrialization Base”

      20      08

      4th generation technology

      20      13

      Won Jinrui science and technology award issued by the Award Committee

      20      14

      5th generation technology

      20      15

      6th generation technology and experience of over 1000 projects

      We have implemented Broad Coalition strategy to expand ournational network and overseas networks

      20      16

      we were awarded the "International Carbon Gold Sub-Award -- Ecological Practice Award" by the World Economic and Environmental Conference.

      20      17

      We have been designated by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development as one of the “Industrial Base of China’s Prefabricated Buildings”

      20      18

      we won the "Preferred Brand" of prefabricated construction in the selection of China's top 500 real estate development enterprises held by China real estate association and China real estate evaluation center.

      selected by MIIT's“2018 Demonstration for Intelligent manufacturing” for prefabricated building company

      We have our fully-owned factories and JV factories set up in over 100 cities throughout China

      Release the industry 's first prefabricated building BIM forward design software PC Maker I

      20      19

      Initial public offering on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

      Launching Modular Building, and Transforming B2B+B2C.

      20      22

      2020-2022 Actively explore green low-carbon industrial building products that meet the needs of urban and rural areas

      20      23

      Implementation of "intelligent manufacturing" + "intelligent construction", systematic

      services for high-quality development of urban and rural construction