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      Intelligent Manufacturing

      A comprehensive manufacturing center integrating R&D, production, display and experiment

      PC-CPS Intelligent Manufacturing System:
      Digital Solution to the Whole Prefabricated Building Process

      Utilizing the digital twin technology, we are able to complete design, production, logistics, construction, operation and maintenance in cyberspace. Thus, we can make certain the uncertain building implementation process and guide the building construction implementation in the physical space through accurate mapping, interaction between virtual and actual, and intelligent changes between physical and digital. We developed flexible manufacturing that responds to demand to promote and realize highly efficienct, intelligent and visulization of the building process. We improve housing product quality and construction efficiency by digitally defining various elements of the industrial chain.
      accurate mapping interaction between virtual and actual intelligent intervention
      Flexible Manufacturing
      A transformation from a traditional production method to a flexible intelligent production method
      • General Mold
      • Standard Process
      • Casting Bed Sharing
      • Operation simplification
      Data-driven One item one code
      • Raw material warehouse
      • Pallet storehouse
      • Mold storehouse
      • Casting bed storehouse
      • Container storehouse
      • Vehicle storehouse
      • Construction site storehouse
      Scan triggering
      • Suppliers
      • Semi-finished product center
      • Mold assembly center
      • Production line
      • Finished product warehouse
      • Transport
      • Erection
      A comprehensive collaborative system
      Real-time full-process collaboration from prediction to delivery
      Easy receive goods by scanning code
      Restoration scene application experience

      Capacity layout

      By April 30th, 2019, Broad Homes wholly owns 15 factories and 85 joint venture factories.